老友记 第三季 第十七集


Aug. 4, 2019, 7:38 a.m.

Friends Season 3 Episode 17 : The one Without The Ski Trip.

老友记第3季第17集: 没去滑雪之旅。

Joey: Can I see the comics?
Chandler: This is the New York Times.
Joey: Ok, may I see the comics?
Monica: Guys. I thought you were taking Ross to the game?
Chandler: We are. He's meeting us here. No! Rachel is meeting us here.
是啊。我们约在这里。 不!瑞秋也跟我们约在这里。
Phoebe: Oh come on, they can be in the same room.
Joey: Yeah, you should've been there last night. Why? What happened now?
你昨晚没看到。 怎么了?
Joey: Well Ross was hanging out over at our place, Rachel comes over to borrow some moisturizer from Chandler. Hey you you, how hard is it to say something? Rachel came over to borrow something.
罗斯在我们那边,瑞秋来跟钱德借润肤乳 你不能说借“东西”吗?瑞秋过来借“东西”。
Joey: Anyway, her and Ross just just started yelling at each other.
Phoebe: Wait. Why was he yelling at her? He's the one who slept with someone else.
Joey: Well, I guess he says that because they were on a break when it happened, that she should've forgiven him by now.
Phoebe: Whoa! ! He is soo unreasonable! God, although I think I understand what he means.
Oh my God, this is like 60 Minutes, ok, when, when, at first you're really mad at that pharmaceutical company for making the drug and then you know you just feel bad for the people because they needed to make their hair grow.
Chandler: You know what this is like? This is like when my parents got divorced. Man, I hope Ross doesn't try to kidnap me after Cub Scouts.
注释:Cub Scouts:幼童军
Phoebe: You know I had a dream that Rachel were still together, they never broke up. And we were all just like hanging out, and everyone was happy. I had the same dream!
我梦到罗斯和瑞秋没有分手。我们开心的在一起 我也梦到了!
Phoebe: Yeah, and nobody slept with that Xerox girl. Oh, I had the opposite dream.
没有人跟那个女的上床。 我的刚好相反。
Chandler: You know what, maybe it's gonna be ok, I mean it's been a week.
Joey: Yeah, I mean it's never taken me more than a week to get over a relationship.
Monica: It's never taken you more than a shower to get over a relationship.
Monica: Ok, let's go! ! Let's hit the road! Hey! Let's get the show on it!
走吧!上路了! 嘿! 我们去玩吧!
Rachel: Ok, let me just get a cup of coffee. Oh Rachel, I know the best coffee house and it's so close.
行,我先喝杯咖啡。 哦瑞秋,附近有一家很棒的咖啡馆。
Rachel: Closer than here?
Phoebe: Oh, hey, look look, I found coffee! Ok, let's skedaddle.
Rachel: Wait, I'm not just gonna drink somebody's old coffee.
Phoebe: Ok, Your Highness.
Phoebe: Um, Rachel I'm really sorry. That's ok, Ross, you wanna get back together? Yeah, ok. Did anyone else hear that? !
“瑞秋,对不起。” “没关系,你想复合吗?”“好啊。”你们有听到吗?!
Rachel: Is he here? No. Oh. Here's your moisturizer. Hi! Hey!
他在吗? 不。 哦,你的润肤乳。嗨! 嗨!
Rachel: You guys are gonna love meee! Ok, check it out, Thursday night, five tickets, Calvin Klein lingerie show, and you guys are coming with me. Ok, I said that out loud right?
Chandler: Yes, yes, it's just that we ah, we kinda all ready, made plans with Ross.
Rachel: Oh, well, ok. Well, there you go.
Phoebe: No, it's just that he got this new like home theater dealie, and he wants, you know, wants us to check it out.
注释:home theater dealie:家庭影院组合。Dealie这里指某种东西。
Rachel: Hm mm. Yeah, he's really excited about it too, he even recorded show times on his answering machine. Ohh!
嗯。 他很兴奋,还在答录机里录了节目表。 哦!
Monica: We're sorry honey. Oh, it's ok.
亲爱的对不起。 哦,没关系。
Joey: Rach, it's, it's ah, it's not that we don't want to, Really. Are we talking models in their underwear?
Rachel: And heels.
Joey: Ross, did ask us first, and we set that night aside so.
Rachel: No, hey, come on, you know, if he asked you first, that's only fair.
Phoebe: Ohhh boy, do I feel bad. Oh yeah. Very bad.
我好受不了。 没错。 非常受不了。
Phoebe: Chandler, what're you doing? ! Chandler! !
钱德,你在干什么?! 钱德!!
Chandler: Oh my God!
Joey: You're smoking again? !
Chandler: Well, actually, yesterday I was smoking again. Today, I'm, I'm smoking still.
Phoebe: Why would you start again after chewing all that quitting gum?
Chandler: Look, I'm telling you this is just like my parents divorce, which is when I started smoking in the first place.
Monica: Weren't you nine? !
Chandler: Yeahhh. I'm telling you something, that ah, first smoke after nap time.Oh that's great, with my luck, that's gonna be him. Him? Him, Ross?
对啊。告诉你,午睡后来一根最过瘾好啊,我猜是他。 他?罗斯?
Chandler: Nope, hymn 253, His Eyes Are On The Sparrow! When my parents got divorced is when I started using humor as a defense mechanism.
Rachel: Hi! Uhh, do you guys have plans for the weekend? Because I have my sister on hold, and she said that we could have her cabin for the weekend and go skiing.
Huh? I'm asking you first, right? ! I mean I'm playing by the "rules". Absolutely, yeah! Chandler! You're smoking? What're you doing? !
是我先问的吧?!我有遵守游戏规则。 没问题。 钱德!你抽烟?你怎么搞的?!
Chandler: Hey, shut up! ! You're not my real mom! !
Joey: Hey, can you close that window Chandler? My nipples can cut glass over here!
Phoebe: Wait. Really? ! 'Cause mine get me out of tickets.
Ross: Look, you guys, I just wanna say, I really, really appreciate you spending this time with me. It's been a pretty hard time right now, so, I just wanna say thanks.
Chandler: Can somebody else hug him? I have to stay by the window.
Ross: Oh hey, hey, ah, how about this weekend we have a LaserDisc marathon ok?
and maybe a tournament on my new dartboard? Huh, huh, what do you think? Two days of darts, it'll be great!
Joey: It'll be great for next weekend.
Ross: No, no, no, this weekend guys!
Joey: It'll be great for next weekend. I mean, it'll be great.


注释:Cub Scouts:幼童军。
注释:home theater dealie:家庭影院组合。Dealie这里指某种东西。

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