老友记 第三季 第二十三集


Aug. 17, 2019, 4:14 p.m.

Friends Season 3 Episode 23 : The one With Ross’s Thing.

老友记第3季第23集: 罗斯长了怪东西。

Joey: Hey, wouldn't be cool if our duck and chick had a little baby? We could call it Chuck.
Chandler: Or.Dick.
Ross: Hey. Chandler and Hey. Listen, I I need a favor. Umm, I was in the shower, and as I was cleansing myself, I ah, I I, well I felt something.
嘿。 嘿。 我要请你们帮忙。我刚才洗澡,正在洗身体时,发现一件事。
Chandler: Was it like a sneeze only better?
Ross: No, no, I mean, I mean like a thing on my body.
Joey: Well what was it?
Ross: Well, I I don't know, it's it's kind of in a place that's not.It's not visually accessible to me, and I was hoping maybe you guys could could help me out.
Chandler and Whoa! !! No! ! Come on you guys, no big deal!
哇!!! 别!! 拜托,又没什么!
Chandler: Whoa heeeiiiiii iiiii ah! ! Huh. Well what is it? Is it a mole?
哇是什么? 是痣吗?
Joey: No, it's too wrinkly to be a mole.
Ross: Well, eww. Is it what? A pimple?
Chandler: No, it's.fancier than a pimple. Look Ross, why don't you just go see a do. Hey guys! What's.
不是,它比青春痘高级。罗斯,你就去看医 嘿!你们在干
Chandler: Ok, well, it's definite, two more weeks of winter. Ahhh. Yeah, right.
确定了,冬天还有两星期没错。 啊。 对。
Phoebe: Ok, and then this is the coffee house. This is where I play my music.
Vince: Good deal. Yeah, and these are my friends. People. This is Vince, Vince, the people. Hi! Hey!
漂亮。 他们是我的朋友。各位,这是文斯,文斯,我的朋友。 嘿! 嘿!
Vince: Hey! Vince is a fireman.
嘿! 文斯是消防员。
Rachel: Wow! Have you ever rescued anyone from a burning building before?
Vince: 98 hot saves, highest in the force.
Chandler: Well, you know if Joey and I played with matches we could get you up to an even hundred.
Vince: Fire safety is not a joke, son.
Chandler: You're right, I know.
Vince: Look, I gotta go. I'm on call tonight. See you Saturday. Ok.
我要走了,晚上要值班星期六见。 好。
Rachel: Wow, he's cute, Pheebs! But I thought you just started dating that Kindergarten teacher.
Phoebe: Oh, Jason? Yeah, uh huh, we're seeing each other tonight.
Rachel: What Pheebs? ! Two dates in one day? That's so unlike you.
Phoebe: I know, I know! I'm like playing the field. You know? Like, juggling two guys, I'm sowing my wild oats. You know?
You know, this kind of like you know oat sowing, field playing juggler.
Joey: So, Pheebs, do they know about each other?
Phoebe: Does a dog's lips move when he reads? Ok no, and they don't know.
Ross: Hey guys! Hey. Hi!
嘿各位! 嘿。 嘿!
Joey: Well? ! Ok, how'd it go at the doctor's?
怎么样?! 医生怎么说?
Ross: Well, he said there's definitely nothing to worry about, it's totally benign.
Joey: Well what is it? ! He couldn't even tell me! He said it was just some sort of skin.abnormality.
是什么?! 他根本说不出来!他只说是一种皮肤异常。
Joey: So so it's just skin? Well, no. He said it's skin like.
那么它只是皮肤咯? 嗯,不。医生说它像皮肤。
Chandler: Ok. So it's not skin. Well it's in the skin family. And the worst thing is he he he said, he said, without being able to identify it, he was reluctant to remove it.
好吧,因此它不是皮肤。 嗯,它是皮肤家族的一员。更糟的是他说,由于无法辨认,他不愿意为我切除。
Chandler: Hey, well you know what? You should go to my guy, 'cause when I went in there with my third nipple. He just lopped it right off. You know?
So I guess I'm lucky. I mean not as lucky as people who were born with two nipples.
Ross: At least they knew what yours was. You know, yours had a name.
Joey: Oh! Maybe they'll name yours after you! You know, they'd call it, the Ross. And then people would be like, "Awww, he's got a Ross."
Ross: Yeah, that'd be cool!
Monica: Pete's breaking up with me.
All: What? !
Monica: I just checked my messages, and, he said that when he gets back from Atlanta, we need to talk.
Rachel: And? Well that's it. People never say 'We need to talk' un unless it's something bad.
然后呢? 就这样。没有人会说“我们得谈一谈” 除非是坏事。
Joey: Whoa, that doesn't necessarily mean that he's breaking up with you.
Monica: Really? !
Joey: Yeah, maybe he just cheated on you.
Jason:.and I know I'll never get rich doing it, but, I gotta tell you, it's pretty cool knowing that you're making a difference in a kid's life.
Phoebe: That is so great! Oh, I.Oh my God! Whoa! Oh my God! Ahh ahh, we'd better call the fire department! No! No! No, no?
真好!哦,我天哪! 哇! 天哪! 啊,赶快通知消防队! 别!别! 不用吗?
Phoebe: Well, we don't n n n n need a fireman, we'd, we'd like a good mechanic.
Jason: Wh What? ! Well, it's pro probably just really low on coolant. Oh my God, here they come! Look we gotta get outta here!
什么? 也许浇点冷却液就能灭火了。上帝啊,他们来了!快逃!
Jason: W w w wait! Why? ! Well look, if I wanted to see a fireman, I would date one. Ok?
等一下!为什么? 要是我想看消防员,我会找消防员约会。好吗?
Ross: Th th that's all it is, a third nipple. You know? Just your run of the mill third nipple. You know? You can take it off. Just slice that baby right off!
注释:run of the mill:普通的; 一般的; 平庸的。run of themill。Run一般的意思就是跑。然而,在run of the mill这个习惯用语里,它的意思是一个工厂生产产品的活动。Mill在这里是指工厂。Run of the mill这个说法最初的意思是一个纺织工厂每天生产的纺织品。现在,人们用run of the mill来形容某样东西不是特别好,但是还算可以。
Dr. Rhodes: Take your shirt off, let's see what we're dealing with here. What're you doing?
Ross: Just showing you my run of the mill slice it right off third nipple.
Dr. Rhodes: Well that's not a third nipple. Em?
这不是第三个乳♥头。 嗯?
Dr. Rhodes: First of all, it's on your ass.
Ross: Well then, what is it? !
Dr. Rhodes: Wait a minute, hold it. Johnson! Will you come in here a moment? I'm with Hamilton!
等一下。詹森!你能来一下吗? 我在跟汉弥顿讲话!
Dr. Rhodes: He's good with rare things, bring him in too.
Joey: Hey, you know what you don't see a lot of? topless tap dancing.
Monica: I really enjoy these little talks we have. I gotta go water Pete's plants. You know what, if he's gonna break up with me, maybe I won't water his plants.
Chandler: Well, if he's gonna break up with you, maybe Joey and I should water his plants. If you know what I mean.
Joey: Or ha ha, we could go over there and pee on them.
Phoebe:.and I I can't take it! You know? I'm just, always afraid one of them is gonna catch me with the other one. It's making me crazy.
Rachel: Well, honey, then why don't you break up with one of 'em? Uh.
亲,何不跟其中一个分手? 哎。
Joey: Whoa whoa whoa. What ah, what happened to playing the field?
Phoebe: Well, it just, it doesn't feel like playing anymore, it feels like work. It's like I'm working in the field.
Rachel: So, Pheebs, pick one of them.
Monica: Yeah. Which one do you like more?
Phoebe: Well, Vince is great, you know 'cause, he's like a guy guy. You know? He's so burly, he's sooo very burly.
Joey: Ok, good, so there you go. Go with Vince.
Phoebe: Yeah, but Jason's really sensitive.
Chandler: Well, sensitive is important, pick him. Yeah.
感性很重要,选他。 你说得对。
Joey: Oh sure, go with the sissy.
Phoebe: Jason is not a sissy!
Joey: Oh no no no no, I meant Chandler.


注释:run of the mill:普通的; 一般的; 平庸的。run of themill。Run一般的意思就是跑。然而,在run of the mill这个习惯用语里,它的意思是一个工厂生产产品的活动。Mill在这里是指工厂。Run of the mill这个说法最初的意思是一个纺织工厂每天生产的纺织品。现在,人们用run of the mill来形容某样东西不是特别好,但是还算可以。

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